set of 3 organic snail filtrate soaps

set of 3 snail filtrate soapsOrganic-certified

Save money and purchase a set of 3 organic-certified snail filtrate soaps.

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organic certified

The complete


Regenerate durably your skin

Rejuvenating day cream Airless 50ml

Rejuvenating night cream Airless 50ml

Hyppoallergecic neutral cleansing gel 200ml

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Mlle Agathe soaps are cold processed, this way they are naturally rich in glycerin which is produced during the saponification. The glycerin provides softening and moisturising properties to the soap. A handcrafted soap processed in a cold way will naturally contain oil and butter which will confer it unique properties. We chose this method because it preserves the quality of the oils used and produces a really gentle soap for the skin and the environment.

Weight : 100 grammes

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Work the soap into a lather using your hands or a natural sponge, apply to the body, face, hair and intimate areas. To make your soap last longer (32 showers on average), we recommend that you use a water-draining soap holder.

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Set of 3 organic snail filtrate soaps

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