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Hélix articuleHELIX JOINTS

Helix-Articule is formulated with snail filtrate, which improves joint flexibility. Recommended in cases of osteoarthritis, it helps maintain healthy bones and cartilage.

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Helix joints

Helix joints

Helix joints

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Joints undergo stress and strains during your lifetime, and even more so once you reach a certain age. Daily movement can lead to joints naturally wearing out. More often than not, this wear and tear results in pain which is related to cartilage degradation. This long-term pain may result in deterioration in quality of life and bring mobility problems.

Naturally, your doctor may prescribe you treatment to alleviate this pain. However, there is of course no reason why you should not try natural, alternative solutions to overcome these problems . Our formula seeks to increase comfort, whilst slowing down joint degeneration.

Helix-Joints is formulated with snail filtrate which improves joint flexibility, thanks to 3 main actions:

  • A reparative action, thanks to allantoin which synthesises collagen; a key contributor in restoring joint flexibility and strength.
  • A regenerative action, thanks to glycolic acid which nourishes and hydrates the cartilage. Collagen and elastin maintain joint flexibility.
  • An antioxidant action: Vitamins A, C and E release anti-free radical agents. They have protective powers and help maintain joint comfort.

Our silicon-rich birch sap plant complex is beneficial to the joints and increases antioxidant activity, which prevents oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Organic blackcurrant bud helps to maintain healthy joints and aids joint movement and flexibility. It also improves tendon and ligament flexibility. Organic mountain pine bud contributes to the maintenance of a healthy backbone and, above all, healthy bones and cartilage. Ash tree extract helps maintain joint movement at all levels (vertebral, cervical or dorsal column or lumbar vertebrae, hip, knee, foot, hand). The silica-rich horsetail extract promotes joint and bone formation and health.

  • ORGANIC snail filtrate
  • ORGANIC birch sap
  • ORGANIC sea buckthorn
  • ORGANIC blackcurrant buds
  • ORGANIC mountain pine buds
  • ORGANIC ash tree extract
  • ORGANIC horsetail extract

40 drops per day, to be diluted with a drop of low-mineralised water, to be taken between meals for 21 days.

This product is a food supplement. It cannot replace a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. This product is not recommended for people taking anticoagulants. This product should not be consumed by people allergic to salicylate derivatives.

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Hélix Articule (HELIX JOINTS)

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